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How to get to Lyon by plane

The ConnectingEurope by Air – the Green Transformation event is organised as part of the Connecting Europe Days 2022 and will take place on 28 June between 13:00 – 19:00 CET at Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport. Please follow the updates on the programme page to learn more. The event will showcase the efforts made by the aviation ecosystem to achieve their sustainability goals and to raise awareness on what it takes to achieve net zero emissions at EU level. There will be a number of dedicated flights to the event that will be using Sustainable Aviation Fuels, SESAR flight optimisation measures and other greening initiatives. Find out more about these flights and how you can book your ticket here.

KLM – Amsterdam to Lyon

  • Flight KL1415 departing 11:45 from AMS arriving LYS at 13:20
  • The Earth has clear limits and thus sustainability is not an option, but a necessity for aviation. Thus, we would like to invite you to board this special flight. Fleet renewal, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and further operational efficiency, amongst others, enable aviation to decarbonize. Although a 100% sustainable flight does not exist yet, in this special flight, different measures are applied; 50% SAF will be allocated; an optimized route to Lyon will be taken to fly in a straighter line; contrails will be avoided in collaboration with Satavia; and we will fly with our most fuel efficient and noise reducing aircraft. Sustainability requires a cooperative effort, and therefore our passengers on board will learn about these sustainable measures and how to help. KLM has worked hard with clients and the sector when it comes to European and worldwide agreements, cooperation and innovation.
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easyJet – Lisbon to Lyon

  • easyJet’s flight from Lisbon to Lyon will follow a specifically designed, optimised flight plan to showcase the potential for significant CO2 savings, if the Single European Sky was implemented. Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will be uplifted at Lyon for the return flight and two other flights departing Lyon that day. Each of our flights is already 100% offset, at no cost to our customers, and we only invest in projects that are certified by the highest standards. As with all our flights, we operate our modern fleet of aircraft efficiently and aim to fill most of our seats to reduce CO2 emissions per passenger. Ultimately, we have committed to Race to Zero and achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, with a focus on the development of innovative, zero carbon emission technology. We have also introduced new crew uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles. This comes in addition to the 36 million single-use plastic items that were already eliminated from inflight operations.

Wizz Air – Bucharest to Lyon

  • Flight W6 3061 departing 11:30 from OTP arriving at LYS 13:25
  • Wizz Air will demonstrate the best in class technology A321NEO aircraft from the youngest fleet in Europe from Bucharest to Lyon, to the Connecting Europe Days 2022. Our passengers already 'Fly the Greenest' when they choose Wizz Air due to the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger-km in Europe. During the flight, our customers will learn more about our existing fuel saving initiatives, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will be uplifted at Lyon for the return flight and to further reduce the environmental footprint of their trip, Wizz Air will encourage passengers to travel with luggage as light as possible, collect the recyclable waste on board, choose from our vegan meal options, and to join us in collaborating with our partner’s climate initiatives.
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Lufthansa – Frankfurt to Lyon

  • Flight LH1076 departing 12:50 from FRA arriving LYS at 14:05
  • Lufthansa Flight LH1076 from FRA to LYS will be carbon-neutral. Using the in-house tool Compensaid, Lufthansa will purchase enough SAF to cover 50% of the flight, and invest in the certified climate projects of MyClimate, offsetting the remaining emissions. The tool Compensaid is directly integrated into the booking process with Lufhansa, so that carbon neutral flying, and purchasing SAF, is already a possibility for the everyday customer. Lufthansa will also uplift SAF in Lyon for the return flight to Frankfurt. With regards to operational efficiency, the use of the SESAR Albatross allows for particularly efficient approach procedures. The Lufthansa Group is also constantly investing in fleet modernisation, and with the A320neo will showcase one of the most fuel efficient aircraft of its type. Lufthansa has also made a conscious effort to create a sustainable and attractive on-board catering service with many  fresh products, making the in-flight experience greener. Step by step, single-use plastic articles are to be replaced by sustainable materials. PET bottles are recycled in a closed loop in FRA.
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