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Sajtócikk29 október 2020Mobilitáspolitikai és Közlekedési Főigazgatóság

Aviation: new Performance Review Body Annual Monitoring Report 2019 supports implementation of Single European Sky performance and charging scheme

The Performance Review Body (PRB) supports the European Commission in implementing the Single European Sky's (SES) performance and charging scheme.

The 2019 PRB Annual Monitoring Report offers an in-depth assessment of the performance of monopolistic air navigation service providers (ANSPs) subject to Union law. As 2019 was the final year of the second reference period (RP2) that had started in 2015, this year's edition also includes an assessment of the entire RP2.

The PRB's key conclusions and recommendations, as outlined in the report, support the reform of the Single European Sky. Concerning safety in the air and on the ground, the report highlights how Member States and ANSPs operated safely throughout RP2. Environmental performance attributed to air traffic management remained however an issue throughout RP2, as the shortest routes were not always offered to airlines.

In terms of capacity, en route delays increased over RP2, reaching their peak in 2018. The measures taken by the Network Manager together with the ANSPs in the summer of 2019 to reduce capacity bottlenecks over Europe's core area mitigated the impact of staff and capacity shortages.

Finally, the en route cost-efficiency Union-wide targets were achieved in each year of the reference period due to the steady growth of traffic experienced until the end of 2019. However, the PRB found underspending between the planned investments and actual project implementation. This indicates a need for Member States to increase their monitoring of their ANSPs' investments.

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29 október 2020
Mobilitáspolitikai és Közlekedési Főigazgatóság