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Mobility and Transport
News article3 June 2019Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport1 min read

Defence Union on the move: Substantial progress achieved in Military Mobility

Enhancing the movement of military troops and assets throughout the EU contributes to the security of all Europeans as well as a making more effective, responsive and joined-up Union. The European Commission and the EU High Representative are presenting a

20 JULY 2021

on the implementation of the Action Plan on Military Mobility, adopted in March 2018. The successful implementation of the Action Plan will enable the EU Member States to act faster and more effectively in the context of the Common Security and Defence Policy, national and multinational activities. This fully respects national sovereignty and decision-making of the EU Member States. Military mobility is also a flagship project within the EU-NATO cooperation framework. The Report describes the substantial and tangible progress achieved so far as well as the way forward.

With regards to infrastructure, key steps such as the Military Requirements and the Gap Analysis between the military and the civilian requirements have been delivered. This paves the way for funding civilian-military dual-use of transport infrastructure through a proposed €6.5 billion envelope as part of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) in the next EU long-term budget (2021-2027). The European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on the CEF Regulation, including specific provisions for dual-use project funding. Given the 50% co-funding rate, it would translate to at least €13 billion total expenditure on dual-use projects.

23 EU Member States have joined the European Defence Agency Programme Arrangement on “Optimising Cross-Border Movement Permission procedures in the EU” harmonising and simplifying military movement across the EU. In addition, progress has been made towards streamlining customs, value added tax and the transport of dangerous goods procedures. In particular, a proposal has been made regarding value added tax exemptions for EU military operations.


Publication date
3 June 2019
Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport