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Nieuwsartikel6 juni 2019Directoraat-generaal Mobiliteit en Vervoer

Vacancy at ICAO for an aviation security expert, with expertise in air cargo, to assist in implementation of the Global Aviation Security Plan (GASeP)

Under the framework partnership agreement between the European Commission and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the Memorandum of Cooperation between the EU and ICAO, I am pleased to solicit candidates for an aviation security expert in the ICAO Secretariat.

According to the framework partnership agreement the expert must come from EU National Aviation Administrations or the EU aviation industry.

The successful candidate will provide ICAO with additional organisational capacity at senior technical advisor level to advance implementation of the GASeP. This could include: enhancing risk awareness and response, developing security culture and human capability, improving technological resources and fostering innovation; improving oversight and quality assurance, and increasing cooperation and support.

In particular, the expert will be tasked to further develop the international framework for air cargo security and to support implementation by ICAO Member States. The expert will develop, among other things, appropriate preventive measures including enhanced screening for cargo and mail; appropriate regulatory controls for cargo, the supply chain and service provides; guidelines for the selection and training of persons who implement security measures; options for using advance cargo information to enhance aviation security processes within the context of a risk management framework; common measures to be applied to freight carrier on all-cargo aircraft and on passenger aircraft; strategic relationships with other organisations; ways and means to assist ICAO Member States; and technical support to ICAO-led and ICAO coordinated assistance activities.

The post is available as from 1 November 2019.

Candidates are invited to contact us using the functional mailbox address MOVE-EU-AVSEC@ec.europa.euby 19 June 2019 with a short letter of motivation and all possible evidence of experience relevant to the job description here above.


Datum publicatie
6 juni 2019
Directoraat-generaal Mobiliteit en Vervoer