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Uutisartikkeli27. marraskuuta 2017Liikenteen ja liikkumisen pääosasto

VitalNodes: New EU network to support freight delivery in TEN-T urban nodes

A new initiative, VitalNodes, has been launched, aiming to enable efficient, sustainable freight delivery across the TEN-T urban nodes (urban areas), by bringing together existing European, national and regional networks. As a result of increasing freight traffic, these urban nodes need to cope with challenges such as congestion, poor air quality, noise, and road safety risks. The objective of the initiative is to improve European interconnection, while developing sustainable mobility within cities.

VitalNodes will deliver evidence-based recommendations for effective and sustainable integration of the nodes into the TEN-T network corridors, addressing specifically the multi- and intermodal connection between long-distance and last-mile freight logistics. It will also support the deployment of innovations in the urban nodes, while establishing a long-lasting European expert network.

The VitalNodes project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme, and will run for 24 months. The consortium is led by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, and has 10 partners including transport administrations, city networks, corridor organizations and project consultancies.

The Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) aims to improve the goods' and passenger flows within Europe. The 88 'urban nodes' (urban areas) along the network are considered key elements of TEN-T.

Contact Ivo Cré (icreatpolisnetwork [dot] eu (icre[at]polisnetwork[dot]eu)) and Sjaak van der Werf (sjaak [dot] vander [dot] werfatrws [dot] nl (sjaak[dot]vander[dot]werf[at]rws[dot]nl)) for more information.


27. marraskuuta 2017
Liikenteen ja liikkumisen pääosasto