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Mobility and Transport
News article16 September 2022Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport

Commission seeks public's views on better protection for passengers

The European Commission is seeking the public's views in order to consolidate and simplify the EU's laws on passenger rights, drawing lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and make it more fit for future crises. While, the current laws protect passengers on all collective modes of transport before, during and after their journey, challenges remain. These include, for example, the practicalities of applying passenger rights regulations, and problems due to delayed or cancelled flights around the EU in the summer of 2022.

Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean said: "In the wake of two years of pandemic-related disruptions with serious impacts on our travel plans, it is important to gather passengers' views on the rights that protect them. We need to learn from recent experience and see how we can ensure the system's resilience to extensive travel disruptions, across modes."

The consultation covers five key topics:

  1. improved financial protection for air passengers against the risk of airline insolvencies and liquidity crises,
  2. reimbursement of air passengers who book through an intermediary ticket vendor,
  3. reimbursement in case an air passenger cancels because of a major crisis such as a pandemic or a natural disaster,
  4. passenger rights for journeys involving more than one transport mode, and
  5. improved enforcement of passenger rights in all transport modes.

The consultation is open until 7 December 2022.


Publication date
16 September 2022
Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport