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Nieuwsartikel17 oktober 2016Directoraat-generaal Mobiliteit en Vervoer

Driving licences: Commission updates rules for drivers with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

Today the Commission has adopted an update of the minimum medical requirements for drivers with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

This issue is regulated by Directive 2006/126/EC on driving licences. The objective of the amendment is to reflect the latest medical knowledge while ensuring the best possible balance between road safety and mobility. The new provisions on cardiovascular diseases make a clear and simple distinction between situations when drivers may be allowed to drive and those when they may not because of their health conditions. Member States now also have the option to assess exceptional individual cases. The updated rules on diabetes make it easier to determine if a driver is fit to continue driving. They help to avoid that drivers under adequate medical treatment are banned from driving.

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Datum publicatie
17 oktober 2016
Directoraat-generaal Mobiliteit en Vervoer