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Artykuł prasowy29 lipiec 2019Dyrekcja Generalna ds. Mobilności i Transportu

European Commission strengthens aviation safety cooperation with Japan

The European Commission and Japan have today agreed to strengthen their aviation cooperation by concluding negotiations on an agreement on civil aviation safety that will enhance safety cooperation and facilitate market access of the EU's aeronautical sector. The agreement is a deliverable under the Commission's Aviation Strategy for Europe.

Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said: "Deepening the cooperation on aviation safety with Japan is a priority as part of our mutual goal to enhance aviation safety for passengers at a global level. Today's agreement will help ensure the highest levels of air safety and, at the same time, boost trade between the EU and Japan in aircraft and related products."

The agreement on civil aviation safety will remove unnecessary duplication of evaluation and testing activities for aeronautical products, reduce costs for the aviation industry and promote cooperation between the Civil Aviation Authorities of the EU and Japan with the aim of enhancing civil aviation safety and environmental compatibility.

Civil aviation safety agreements reduce the transaction cost of exporting aircraft, while ensuring high levels of safety in partner countries and help to harmonise product standards worldwide. The European Union has already concluded such agreements with other key aeronautical partners, such as the United States, Brazil, Canada and recently signed an agreement with China.

Next steps

Both parties will proceed with signature of the agreements as soon as possible and following their respective internal procedures.

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Data publikacji
29 lipiec 2019
Dyrekcja Generalna ds. Mobilności i Transportu