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Mobility and Transport
Sajtócikk27 április 2021Mobilitáspolitikai és Közlekedési Főigazgatóság

Roadmap on new EU urban mobility framework published

The European Commission is working on a new EU urban mobility framework to support Member States, regions and cities as they develop safe, accessible, inclusive, smart, resilient and zero-emission urban mobility. All need to contribute to the EU climate and transport policy objectives and targets, as set out in the European Green Deal and in the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy. Actions will include strengthening the role of urban nodes on the Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) Network as enablers of sustainable, efficient and multi-modal transport.

The Roadmap is open for comments until 25 May 2021 (midnight Brussels time).


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27 április 2021
Mobilitáspolitikai és Közlekedési Főigazgatóság