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Mobility and Transport

Accessibility mapping: urban digital way-finding for people with reduced mobility

Joanna van der Veen, United Kingdom

This idea is a digital journey-mapping search tool specifically for people with reduced mobility. The tool prioritises sustainable forms of travel, and aims to exclude as far as possible use of private vehicles. It specifically targets those with limited mobility, including those with temporary mobility issues such as broken limbs - a group that is often prevented from carrying out everyday tasks because the physical landscape of their home town or city presents a barrier. This barrier could take the form of a lack of dropped kerbs, narrow pavements or public transport that is difficult to get on or off of and, as a result, people in this situation either do not make their journeys, or do so in a private vehicle (with a family member, friend or in a taxi). The independence granted by the tool being proposed would give the user increased mobility and, in certain situations, go some way to reducing pollution and congestion, as it would give users good walking or public transport options. It would also function as an advocacy tool for ameliorating the accessibility of urban environments.


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