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Mobility and Transport

The BOREALIS alliance: Delivering FRA across Northern Europe by 2021


A Free Route Airspace is an area in the sky in which airspace users can plan and fly their preferred route to reach their destinations. This means more direct routes, shorter flights, less delays, less fuel consumption, a considerable decrease in costs and no compromise on safety.

The Borealis project aims to create a Free Route Airspace across 9 European countries and 3 Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs). This is a huge area which would cover 38% of all flights in Europe, saving 70.000 tons of CO2 emissions and 22.000 tons of fuel every year thanks to shorter routes, and saving €15 million in management costs annually.

Borealis' initiative is major contribution to implementing the Single European Sky and a great example and model of a voluntary coordination amongst national authorities, air navigation providers and many other organisations.

Award winning video by Violeta BULC – European Commissioner for Mobility and Transport

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