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COOPANS - Effective harmonisation of ATM systems across Europe


The harmonisation of Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems is one of the most important tasks to achieve for implementing the Single European Sky (SES). It can be considered as the backbone of the SES and brings significant benefits to the operators and service providers of the entire ATM system.

The COOPANS alliance obtained outstanding results in ATM harmonisation. It is a perfect example of effective partnership between air navigation providers (ASNP) and industry working towards a common objective. The countries involved include Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden, with Thales as the chosen industry supplier.

By applying innovative technological solutions, the alliance has allowed for a 30% reduction of capital expenditure for each member. In addition, the establishment of a Free Route Airspace allowed for shorter flying routes and consequently a 30% increase of airspace capacity for each ANSP involved.

Finally, the innovative solutions implemented by the COOPANS initiative have a strong potential to be replicated in other countries, giving the initiative a broad European scope and making it a main contributor to SES performance objectives.

Award winning video by Maroš SEFCOVIC – Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Energy Union and Climate Change policies

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