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Mobility and Transport

CycleSpex: Cycle and Spatial Context Experience Simulator (VR)

Geert de Leeuw, The Netherlands


This research tool is being developed to answer knowledge and design questions about cycling. The advantage for planners and policy makers is to test possible design solutions ex-ante in a safe and controlled setting before the definite investment. The innovative experimental design facilitates the possibility of asking questions within the VR environment to large groups of respondents. This allowing us to collect valuable data about cycling behaviour, experience and performance.

Currently CycleSpex lines up multiple VR experiments to answer research questions on cycling experience related to road design, urban green, lighting, way-finding and underpasses/barriers in cities. Analyzing relationships between cyclists on the move and (designed) urban environment will lead to insights into which spatial factors contribute to a better cycling experience. Different urban environments might need a different set of spatial measures to ensure a cycling experience which will lead to a higher bicycle usage. The output from these VR experiments will be used to optimize the EU recommendations for Cycle Highways through the CHIPS project.



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