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Mobility and Transport

Digital reliable railway

Christoffer Hamin, Sweden

The railway as we know it is measured by special vehicles about one time per year. There is enough time between each measurement to let damage to the infrastructure grow worse and worse without detection, until it is not really safe to drive a train on it. D-Rail is developing a rugged, wireless sensor system, with a minimum need of maintenance, and installed in minutes on any train, making any train a measurement train.

By installing our system on a percentage of the train fleets on each route, we can have a daily updated status of the infrastructure. We apply real time analytics on this data, refining it into understandable information, and this gives us the ability to provide automated warnings about impending faults, as well as providing long term trends about the infrastructure status. This trending gives the infrastructure owner an understanding of its assets, and enables predictive maintenance.

We also have a patent pending, with excellent written opinion, on the concept of measuring track circuits from a moving train. Today D-Rail has only done proof of concept trials. We now have our first version of factory made sensor systems ready to be tested.

The business model is to let the infrastructure owners subscribe to daily information regarding the status of the infrastructure and act as both an early warning system when there is a sudden defect detected, but also act as a predictive maintenance information with the possibility to measure the relative wear and change over any chosen timespan.



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