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Mobility and Transport

Emergency Vehicles Coordination Using V2X Communication

Tibor Petrov, Slovakia

The idea is to utilize vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication to allow bidirectional communication between emergency vehicles (ambulance, police, fire trucks) and other vehicles present on the road infrastructure. By providing relevant information combined from multiple databases to the vehicles, the idea has a potential to allow faster reaction time and safer transit for rescue vehicles.

The main innovation is in combining data from two types of databases:

(i) Emergency database – where data about accident details are stored. Data can be uploaded either automatically by an eCall system, or manually by an emergency telephone line operator.

(ii) Road management database – contains data related to the traffic situation in a given area from road operators, vehicle sensors, and road users (e.g. Waze, Google Traffic).

Data from these two databases are combined to provide relevant route planning for emergency vehicles as well as for other road traffic participants. Vehicles on the roads then communicate using V2V communication to avoid traffic jams forming and to ensure fluent and safe transit of the emergency vehicles. In the case of an accident, emergency vehicles are informed about the fastest route to the accident site. Vehicles, which are travelling along the route of emergency vehicles, are informed about the estimated time of emergency vehicles´ transit.


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