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Mobility and Transport

The European Transport Innovation Challenge - FAQ

Here are the answers to some questions you may have. They should be read in conjunction with the rules of the contest. They do not replace them.

[collapsed title=Why is the European Commission organising this contest?]The European Commission wants to give a platform to new ideas in transport, and recognise the talent and engagement of transport innovators to fostering sustainable and smart transport in Europe. We are looking for novel approaches to (i) better mobility, (ii) better access to mobility, (iii) less pollution, (iv) less congestion (v) more safety and security.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=How does it work?]You fill out an online form which asks you for a succinct description of your idea for a product or service. There is a maximum number of characters in each part of Section II which deals with your idea. It is important to plan your entry carefully.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=Who is eligible?]Anyone who is legally resident in the EU or in a country associated with the Horizon 2020 programme. Companies must meet the EU definition of a small- and medium-sized European enterprise. We expect entries to come from businesses (including start-ups and social enterprises) in a wide range of sectors and jobs, from architects to traffic police, from town planners to software developers, as well as universities, business and engineering schools – the list is endless. The contest is open to anyone aged 18 years and over on June 18, 2017, but the person who benefits from the award, which is a trip to the ITS Europe congress in Strasbourg in June, must be aged 35 or less on 18 June 2017.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=How many entries can I submit?]There is no limit, but you can only win once.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=Does my idea have to be related to the transport themes listed in Section I of the entry form?]No, these are the themes from the European Commission’s work on a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Transport. They are priorities for the European Commission, but any idea is welcome that will lead to innovation in transport in the EU. It can be a product or a service. It does not need to be the result of research or a research project.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=How can I win?]An international jury will select up to 12 winners. You can receive up to 10 points for the quality of your pitch, 50 points for innovation, 20 for implementation and 20 for impact. All ideas are welcome, even if they are not mature yet. They can be at the development stage, but the jury will take into account the extent to which they are ready for implementation or scale-up.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=Who decides on the best ideas?]We have an international jury of up to five leading experts from the transport sector across Europe. Your entry will be evaluated by at least three experts. The chairperson of the jury has the casting vote if scores are equal or in the event of any other dispute. The decisions of the jury are subject to confirmation by the European Commission.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=Is there a prize?]There is no monetary prize. This is a recognition prize. The recognition for your innovation will come from being introduced to and receiving coaching from leading European transport decision-makers at the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg. We shall also publish a summary of the best ideas on the contest website. This will be a unique opportunity to network with people who can make your idea happen.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=What will I win?]Winners will receive free travel to Strasbourg on June 18 or 19, depending on their location, and accommodation. They will get personalised coaching on how best to develop their idea at a workshop on the first day of the 12thITS European Congress in Strasbourg from 19-22 June 2017 and full participation free of charge at this fee-paying event, which is both Congress and Exhibition.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title=Are there any consolation prizes?]Even if you do not win, you will get publicity for your idea because we shall publish the summary of your proposal on the Challenge website providing it obtains a score of at least 60 points out of 100.[/collapsed]