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Formation of A4 Consortium of Airlines

London, United KingdomInternational Airlines Group, Lufthansa Group, Air France-KLM, easyJet

The formation of the A4 consortium of airlines to work collaboratively with ANSPs, Airports and other stakeholders to promote the deployment of SESAR.

Award Criteria

  • Contribution to increasing capacity of ATM systems
  • Contribution to increasing safety of ATM systems
  • Contribution to reducing ATM costs
  • Contribution to reducing the impact of air transport on the environment
  • Early implementation


The A4 is a consortium of major European airlines (Lufthansa Group, Air France-KLM Group, IAG Group and easyJet) that came together in the middle of 2014 to play a leading role in the SESAR program and promote the modernisation of Air Traffic Management (ATM) in Europe. Through the development of a collaborative framework known as the ‘Guiding Principles’, the A4 was able to share its ambition with major Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) and Airports. A4 strongly supports the SES High level goals of increasing ATM capacity, increasing safety, reducing ATM costs and reducing the impact of air transport on the environment.

A4 has shown great leadership by forming excellent collaborative working relationships in the formation of the SESAR Deployment Manager and has provided the necessary airspace user expertise to work alongside ANSP and Airports colleagues with one vision of SESAR Deployment. A4 has promoted partnerships with many other major stakeholders within the European aviation sector, including the European Commission and Manufacturing Industry.

The A4 brings a pan European and global perspective to SESAR Deployment through its huge operational network and experience that it is proud to share with its partners. The A4 airlines are involved in many SESAR Deployment implementation projects and are willing to drive for early implementation (e.g. TBS at LHR). Also after the selection of the SESAR Deployment Manager, the A4 remains totally committed to ATM modernisation, managing this change and delivering an improvement in performance for the aviation community. – within the SDM consortium (as part management level of the Deployment Manager framework partnership), on the implementing level of the SDM (as operational investing stakeholders) and also on strategic level (with the COOs of the A4 airlines and the A4 Strategy Group) continuing to push all stakeholders towards a performance driven and user centric ATM in Europe.

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