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Mobility and Transport

Helping Transport Professionals Prevent Fatigue Related Accidents

SmartNotify, France

Fatigue related accidents have a societal cost of over $100 billion a year. We want to put a stop to this.

We use a mix of different sensors, camera, and human based data to better assess fatigue levels and prevent accidents before they are likely to occur. We have 2 versions: one geared at customers wanting to use our technology as a standalone (i.e. they purchase the box + service) and one for OEM.

Most of the systems out there focus on last-second reaction when the person is asleep or the truck is already changing lane. This is not efficient and does not prevent accidents or chain-reactions leading to accidents. We focus on prevention. By analysing inputs in real-time and mixing it with our pending IP we can help drivers and fleet managers make better informed decisions and also give them remedies.

We are ready to produce some prototypes and to get them to our test drivers. Come visit our site and possibly win a test device.