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Improvement of the Spanish Air Traffic Management Network performance through an ordered change management process

Madrid, SpainDGAC, AESA, Aena S.A., ENAIRE, FerroNATS, Saerco and INECO

The Spanish ATM system has achieved a significant gain of efficiency (both in capacity and cost-efficiency) since 2010, the results of which can be now appreciated through the good results of RP1.

As it was shown to the SES community in the NCP meeting of late April 2015 in Riga, this achievement has been attained through a legal reform adopted in 2010 and thoroughly implemented in the following years throughout a set of new regulatory instruments, all of them developed in order to upgraded the performance of the national ATM system and aiming to meet the national contribution to the European ATM Network under the Single European Sky regulations and its Performance Scheme.

This process has involved the deployment of an ordered process for the opening the market for the provision of aerodrome Air Traffic Control services, Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) and the Airport Apron Management Service (SDP) in several international airports of the national network handling a very significant volumes of traffic and contributing to a drastic reduction of the cost of provisions of those services reaching in some cases up to 50% cost reduction.

These changes have brought significant savings and a more than significant improvement of the economic performance of ENAIRE whilst maintaining the Safety Levels during the transition through a solid initial and continuous certification process.

Award Criteria

  • Contribution to increasing capacity of ATM systems
  • Contribution to increasing safety of ATM systems
  • Contribution to reducing ATM costs
  • Early implementation
  • Potential to be replicated over the ATM network
  • Contribution to change management


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