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Mobility and Transport

Military Implementation of SESAR (MIOS)

Brussels, BelgiumEuropean Defence Agency MIOS Cell

With the adoption of the EU Implementing Regulation on Common Projects for the deployment of SESAR, the defence community needed to be involved on a more systematic basis. The deployment of SESAR projects in relation to the military remains the responsibility of the States concerned. However, military coordination is required to avoid any adverse impact on defense capabilities.

With this intent, the Military Implementation of SESAR (MIOS) Programme was established within the European Defence Agency, bringing toghether adequate expertise from contributing Member States, with a view to contributing to increased coordination among Ministries of Defence, generating collaborative projects and investigating alternative means of compliance and equivalence based on performance requirements, stemming from the assessment of the implications that SES and SESAR have for the military.

Award Criteria

  • Contribution to increasing capacity of ATM systems
  • Contribution to increasing safety of ATM systems
  • Contribution to reducing ATM costs
  • Contribution to reducing the impact of air transport on the environment
  • Promoting partnerships


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