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Mobility and Transport

Ministerial Conferences and Eastern Partnership Summits

Ministerial Conference in Krakow on 25 October 2011

Transport Ministers of EU Member States and of the Eastern Partnership countries met in Krakow, Poland on 25 October 2011 to take forward transport cooperation. They summarised priorities for cooperation in a Joint Declaration .

The Ministers launched officially the Eastern Partnership Transport Panel and entrusted it with the task of following up actions set out in the Commission Communication "The EU and its neighbouring regions: A renewed approach to transport cooperation".

Ministerial Conference in Luxembourg on 9 October 2013

At this meeting, the transport ministers endorsed key results and gave guidance for future cooperation with a joint declaration .

The first results of closer transport cooperation with the Eastern Partnership countries can be summarised as follows:

  • Harmonization with the EU legislation and gradual market integration: the partner countries have started reforms to align their transport systems with EU standards. The association agreements that the EU has negotiated with several partner countries envisage more regulatory convergence in transport. The most significant achievements of market integration are the signature and implementation of comprehensive aviation agreements that the EU has negotiated with Georgia and Moldova.
  • Regional Eastern Partnership Transport Network: Partner countries have agreed on priority connections in road, railway, air and sea transport in the Eastern Partnership region. Most importantly, this network connects with the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) and will serve as guidance for future investments.
  • Priority infrastructure projects on the regional transport network: projects such as the reconstruction of the Krakovits-Lviv-Brody-Rivne road in Ukraine and the upgrade of the railway line between Georgia and Azerbaijan are among those which partner countries have identified as priorities for improving connections with the EU and within the region. These projects could benefit from financing under existing EU funds and loans from international financial institutions.

Following the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius on 28-29 November 2013, the Eastern Partnership Transport Panel oversees continuing technical cooperation to advance regulatory convergence and the implementation of specific projects.

Eastern Partnership summit in Riga on 21-22 May 2015

At the 4th EaP summit, the participants set up an ambitious agenda for transport cooperation:

"In the area of Transport, the Summit participants stress the importance of making transport

links between the EU and Eastern European partners safer and more efficient, and of supporting the improvement of logistics systems, including motorways of the sea, and fostering cooperation between rail corridors. They look forward to further work on updating and streamlining the list of priority projects and removing infrastructure and noninfrastructure bottlenecks to enhance transport interconnections between the EU and partners on the EaP transport network thanks to further investments and to improved cross-border transport cooperation by the time of the next Summit. They attach importance to improved connections with the TEN-T network across all transport modes. The participants also welcome the ongoing work towards the definition of an Eastern Partnership inland waterways network and look forward to its inclusion into the EaP transport network. They stress the importance of concluding the EU-Ukraine Aviation Agreement, as referred in the Association Agreement, at the earliest possible date in 2015. They look forward to the launching of negotiations on an EU-Armenia Aviation Agreement at the earliest opportunity. They welcome the resumption of negotiations on an EU-Azerbaijan Aviation Agreement. They welcome implementation of the EU-Republic of Moldova and EU-Georgia Aviation Agreements".

Policy and other related documents

Joint Declaration of the Ministerial Conference in Krakow on 25 October 2011

Joint Declaration of the Ministerial Conference in Luxembourg on 9 October 2013

Joint Declaration of the Eastern Partnership Summit (Riga, 21-22 May 2015), see paragraph 29 on transport