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Mobility and Transport

NÜWIEL GmbH, Germany

NÜWIEL produces e-powered bicycle trailers for last mile delivery. Our trailer can be connected to any bike and carries up to 100 kg. Delivery by bike is 50% faster than by trucks in urban centers, saves up to 85% on fuel costs and CO2-free.

Disconnected from a bike the trailer can be used as an e-powered handcart. Our patent pending technology provides a synchronized motion between a bike and a trailer. In other words, the trailer knows exactly when to speed up, slow down and brake. The innovative brakes system of the trailer consists of double brake system (regenerative activated by the motor and the overrun braking), thus providing a higher safety on the road.

NÜWIEL has built and tested four prototypes of the trailer. At the moment, NÜWIEL works with four partners from Hamburg and Berlin to finalize the trailer design.