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Mobility and Transport

Remote tower service


Remote tower service is a good example of implementation of a SESAR Solution paving the way towards a new era for air traffic control. LFV, the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, is operating the world's first Remote Tower Service in two locations. This is an innovative and unique initiative that shows how technology can reduce costs for an airport while increasing its flexibility without affecting safety or operational availability. Furthermore, it has also a great potential for further development, with the possibility to become a real game changer in the future of control tower building.

The project is the result of an early research started about ten years ago involving Air Traffic Providers, Eurocontrol, and other professional organisations. The main innovative aspect of RTS is that it does not need the physical presence of controllers. Through this concept, in the future a tower could be controlled from any country or location and one RTS could even control several airports.

Award winning video by Marian-Jean MARINESCU – Member of the European Parliament, Committee on Transport and Tourism

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