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Remote Tower Services

Norrköping, SwedenLFV and SAAB AB

Remote Tower Services (RTS) - one year of operation is a project that from early research some ten years ago, via a structured validation in SESAS(involving additional ANSPs, Eurocontrol, professional organization and ATCOs), based on that definition of an industrial product and finally operational approval by the Swedish NSA allowing LFV to operate the worlds first Remote Tower Service. The first installation has now been in operation close to one year without any problems or issues related to the technical or human behaviors. More airports are in the process of being introduced to RTS. Thus the RTS project is good example of innovation and how new technology and ,methods can reduce costs for an airport but also increase the flexibility.

Award Criteria

  • Contribution to increasing safety of ATM systems
  • Contribution to reducing ATM costs
  • Early implementation
  • Innovative aspects
  • Contribution to change management
  • Promoting SES and SESAR beyond the Union’s boundaries


RTS is based on a variety of sensors. The picture in front of the ATCO is fully digitized and a variety of safety features, including IR, graphical overlays. PTYZ cameras etc. has been validated and enabling the controllers to stay focused on the situation. Additional safety features are being tested.

LFV and SAAB are distinct first movers and leaders in this field.

The innovation in RTS if primarily linked to the ability to within the current regulative framework enable ATS to be conducted from a centre, with access to a larger group of ATCOs thus reducing the vulnerability of a small group of staff at a local tower.

RTS is a fundamental game changer for local ATS - the digitalization or virtualization will change the way we conduct the service. Its fair to say that in 5-10 years time classical towers will not be built anymore.

RTS is a good example how SESAR research and development actively contributed to the realization of RTS in a very efficient way. In the long run RTS will erase the boundaries in Europa, a tower can be controlled from any country or location.

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