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Mobility and Transport

RNP Implementation Synchronized in Europe (RISE) – improving access to airports in adverse weather conditions

By: NAVEBLUE, DCAC, NAV Portugal, DSNA, Hellenic CAA, Air France, Novair, TAP, Emirates, Aegean Airlines, Air Corsica and easyJet


RISE shows that by using performance-based navigation (PBN) it's possible to improve access to airports with challenging physical environments and in adverse weather conditions. PBN reduces the number of missed approaches thereby reducing fuel burn and CO2 emissions. The results from the 500 flight trials conducted by RISE partner airlines and Air Navigation Service Providers in France, Greece, Cyprus and Portugal are paving the way to wider implementation of Required Navigation Performance (RNP) in Europe. RISE also brought together a number of airlines who share common interests thereby demonstrating the benefits of deploying operational techniques in cooperation and helping to spread their uptake.

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