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Mobility and Transport

Smart, immediate & sustainable transportation for everyone

Francesco Bonadiman, Italy


The chatbot market is growing very fast, therefore approaching it as soon as possible might lead to a competitive advantage. Chatbots are available on any platform, on any device, at any time. They are incredibly light, responsive, adaptable, and inexperienced users won't even notice it's a robot they are talking to.

The idea is to implement a chatbot to connect the transportation and mountain huts APIs with OpenStreetMap's and Google Maps' APIs. By combining all these data a bot was created which allows users (such as tourists or locals, mostly young people living in the city, but not owning a car) to reach in a "smart" and ecological way the very end of the road and, from there, walk on the mountain paths to the huts. Users can also view charts with info, data and pics of the mountain cabins, which are loaded into the chatbot as HTML5 content. Of course the whole idea can be realized without the focus on mountain cabins, but just receiving the data about public transport and interacting with the chatbot to get times, stops and connections without leaving the messaging app. All this will make it very easy, in term of user-experience and cognitive load to access the service. This will ultimately lead to better (access to) mobility and, consequently, less pollution and congestion.



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