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SMART Project (Systematic Modernisation of ATM Resources in Turkey)

Ankara, TurkeyDHMI, Turkish ANSP

The project foresees the modernisation of all ATM systems (SDPS, FDPS, CWP’s, Safety Nets etc) as well as buildings in accordance to Euroconrol standarts. In the frame of the project one single ACC center was builded in Ankara for en-route traffic and unified ATC service to one FIR, previously it was two as Istanbul and Ankara. Besides, 6 APP centers were also builded including Nort Cyprus ACC/APP center now capable of controlling whole east mediterrenian area. As main tracker Eurocontrol's ARTAS product used along with legacy trackers as back up. Two ARTAS units installed in Ankara and Istanbul mirroring each other. Thanks to the IP based network installed, all ATC centers are now able to share roles in case of contingency cases. IP based VCS systems have been also installed. In a sub project of it all radar sensors have been replaced and additionals installed providing covarage beyond the borders .Project is wholly operational now and Sigle sky over Turkey is achieved.

Award criteria

  • Contribution to increasing capacity of ATM systems
  • Contribution to increasing safety of ATM systems
  • Contribution to reducing ATM costs
  • Potential to be replicated over the ATM network
  • Innovative aspects
  • Promoting partnerships


Because of IP based network all voice and radar data can be reached not only to one ATSU but also to the othets so in contingency all units can share their role as back up inctreasing safety and reliability.

Single ACC centre in whole country which give flexibility in operation

With modern controller tools it change way of controlling

Single ARTAS tracker located in Ankara backed up by another in Istanbul provides track continuity

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