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SPAIN – Implementing a bold reform to boost national ATM performance


This initiative is a splendid example of how the performance of a national Air Traffic Management (ATM) system can be strongly improved with regulatory instruments based on Single European Sky (SES) regulations.

Before 2010 Spain was underperforming vis-à-vis SES objectives and performance targets. Spain set out to remedy this situation through a major national legal reforms leading to substantial structural changes that have produced the expected benefits, thus bringing Spain spectacularly back-on-track with SES performance targets.

Through the opening to the market of air traffic services, liberalising air traffic controllers training and a new regulation on their rest and duty time, the Spanish ATM system has achieved significant performance gains: reduction of costs up to 50% for those services, increasing capacity and reducing delays without compromising the level of safety during the transition to the new framework. An uncontested contribution the Union-wide performance targets set out in the SES and therefore to the overall performance of the European ATM network.

Award winning video by Jacek KRAWCZYK - President of the Employers' Group at European Economic and Social Committee

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