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Mobility and Transport

Truck Tinder: Making the Best Match in Heavy-Duty Road Transport

Robbert Janssen, TN, The Netherlands

Heavy-duty road transport is in need of innovation. Trucks are running half-empty and standing still a lot of the time, causing high carbon and particulate emissions, noise pollution and congestion. In comes Truck Tinder: based on chain-wide real-time data sharing we provide matchmaking between shippers and transport companies, to form Truck Platoons, Cargo Bundling, and Trailer Swapping. Making road transport safer, more efficient, and cleaner.

Truck Tinder enables more platoons to be formed – on-the-fly – across fleets of trucking companies (multi-fleet) and brands of trucks (multi-brand) so that more kilometres are driven as platoon, reducing fuel consumption, improving road capacity utilization and improving traffic safety by augmenting professional drivers with automated vehicle technology.

Having multiple shippers jointly bundle loads for a single trailer improves fill rates and reduces empty running resulting in less fuel consumption and carbon emissions. It requires location tracking and operational data exchange in real-time among parties in the supply chain.

Trailer Swapping leads to less congestion and emissions. Using location tracking of trailers and real-time data sharing between trucking companies, jointly the trucking companies drive as little empty miles as possible, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. With High-Capacity Vehicles (HCVs) the second trailer in the system can easily be deployed at an intermediate location, to be picked up by another transporter on the way back.