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Mobility and Transport

UPsET! Last mile deliveries go underground

Liard Kranen, The Netherlands


We need radical steps towards a low carbon transport system in Europe. UPsET is a system of underground pipelines to handle deliveries in dense urban areas. UPsET offers a solution for the challenges of the many (inefficient) package delivery/commercial vehicles for private customers. UPsET would save companies' time and customers' frustration with the effort of a slight behavioural change. UpsET increases the quality of life for many urban areas as they transform into being places for people again and not for cars. Our society saves costs by having less congestion, the system eliminates tons of carbon emissions and noise pollution, and simultaneously increases the air quality. UPsET is intended to be a budget friendly system with 80 cm diameter pipelines. The complete system would occupy the space underneath one side of a two directional cycling track. It will regenerate the existing bicycle lane infrastructure system. Central parcel output and input locker stations are accessible with a digital key to receive your package. The only thing customers need to change is the three minute walk to their nearest UPsET station. That is the same change people had (or will have in the near future) when the underground 'waste' separation containers were installed in their neighbourhood. Let's go UPsET!



liard.kranen (at)