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Mobility and Transport

Vivanoda: European multimodal travel search engine

Nicolas Pellier, France


Vivanoda arose from a simple fact: most people are not aware of ways of transportation that would get them to a destination, and this kind of search on the Internet often turns out very tedious: "How to go to Bonn from Niort?", "What train companies operate between Alicante and Marseille?", "where to book my ticket online?" ... Vivanoda tries to solve this problem by allowing travellers to compare and combine air, bus, rail, ferries and carsharing all in one search to travel between two cities.

Vivanoda wants to become a habit in European travellers’ mind when they search for transport, and wants to increase the number of users. Vivanoda also wants to act as an interconnection between operators and give European transport operators a better visibility by including their offers and lines in multi-step trips.

Vivanoda has been live for a couple of years and drove more than two millions users in 2016 mainly from France, Portugal and the UK.



nicolas.pellier (at)