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Mobility and Transport

Permanent email address

aaiibatmcw [dot] gov [dot] cy (aaiib[at]mcw[dot]gov[dot]cy)

Legal basis

The AAIIB operates under Annex 13 to the Chicago Convention of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), EU Regulation 996/2010 and Cyprus Civil Aviation Act (213(I)/2002).



ENCASIA member

Mr. Antonis Antoniou

Military investigations

The Civil occurrences are investigated by the AAIIB whereas the Military authorities are responsible for the investigation of Military occurrences. In the case of incidents/accidents including both military and civil aircraft, close cooperation between the two authorities will apply.


No (Air only)

On duty 24/7 number

+357 9955 4334


Aircraft Accident & Incident Investigation Board :