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Mobility and Transport

Permanent email address

frank [dot] d [dot] zammitatgov [dot] mt (frank[dot]d[dot]zammit[at]gov[dot]mt) / marion [dot] sammutatgov [dot] mt (marion[dot]sammut[at]gov[dot]mt) / baaiatgov [dot] mt (baai[at]gov[dot]mt)

Legal basis

Technical investigations following accidents and/or serious incidents are carried out by the Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation (BAAI) in Malta. This body performs its functions independently in compliance with Council Directive 94/56/EC

ENCASIA member

Captain Frank Zammit

Military investigations

There is no formal arrangement to deal with accidents/incidents when both civil and military are involved.



On duty 24/7 Number

+356 9938 2725


Bureau of Air Accident Investigation (BAAI) :