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Mobility and Transport

In March 2011, the European Union and Brazil initialled a comprehensive air services agreement that will allow all EU airlines to operate direct flights to any destination in Brazil from any point in the EU (and vice versa for Brazilian carriers) - without restrictions on routes, prices and the number of weekly flights.

As with other comprehensive air transport agreements, both sides have agreed to closely cooperate in a wide range of areas including safety, security, application of competition law, air traffic management, environment, consumer protection, and social and labour issues. This will ensure a level playing field for fair competition between EU and Brazilian airlines.

In the field of civil aviation, the EU and Brazil have already concluded two other agreements. The "horizontal" air transport agreement and a bilateral aviation safety agreement (BASA) between the EU and Brazil were signed on 14 July 2011, respectively removing nationality restrictions in the bilateral air services agreements between EU Member States and Brazil and paving the way for enhanced cooperation between the EU and Brazil in all areas of aviation safety.

Brazil is a strategic partner of the European Union. Nearly six million passengers per year are carried on flights between Brazil and the EU. The market opening is expected to create significant benefits for passengers and the respective air transport industries.


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Press room

Breakthrough in EU-Brazil negotiations on far-reaching aviation agreement [IP/11/327, 18/03/2011]


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