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Mobility and Transport

The first Euro-Mediterranean Aviation agreement in the field of aviation was signed on 12 December 2006 between the EU and the Kingdom of Morocco.

This comprehensive agreement allows all EU and Morocco airlines to operate direct flights between any airport in the EU and Morocco.

Beyond market opening, the agreement also provides a modern framework and high standards for a wide range of aviation issues, such as passenger rights, air traffic management, economic regulation, competition issues or social aspects. It also offers a gradual opening of market access between Morocco and the EU, providing substantial opportunities for passengers and industry on both sides.

Since the conclusion of the agreement, traffic between Morocco and the EU has grown by 80% to 12 million annual passengers in 2016. The number of city pairs has doubled to nearly 200 and average fares have dropped by 60%, offering huge benefits to the consumers and opportunities for business.

For further information and figures on EU-Morocco aviation relations and EU aviation in general, please consult the Atlas of the Sky.


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