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European ATM Standards Coordination Group

For the modernisation of the European ATM network, and more particularly in the context of SES Interoperability and of SESAR, the role of standards and specifications in support of technical or procedural harmonisation and interoperability is crucial:

  • Standards and specifications are referenced in the Single European Sky Interoperability Regulation (No 552/2004) as "community specifications" i.e. equivalent to means of compliance, and current Interoperability Regulations (e.g. Data Link, IFPL or ADQ) , directly, or indirectly, refer to EUROCAE Documents, ETSI or ISO standards, or EUROCONTROL specifications;
  • standardisation activities are a key supporting activity in the implementation of SESAR, with the defined "standardisation and regulatory roadmaps" in the ATM Master Plan, which identify the required standardisation and regulatory activities to implement the operational and technological improvements validated in SESAR;
  • the role of standards and specifications as pre-requisites for the deployment of SESAR was confirmed in the Pilot Common Project, (as per Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 409/2013) with the establishment and publication of the "Indicative roadmap with respect to standardisation and regulation needs"; as a follow-up of this, the SESAR Deployment Programme 2016 also included in its Annex B the list and state of play of relevant standards and regulations supporting the implementation of the Programme's ATM functionalities and families.

In addition, the role of standards, ideally of a global nature, and the possible referencing of such standards, is being discussed at ICAO level, in support of the implementation of the Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) and the related Aviation System Blocks Upgrade (ASBUs). The ICAO 39th Assembly in 2016 endorsed the future role of the "Standardisation Roadmap" for the 2019 edition of the GANP. This is being discussed and prepared notably in the context of the ICAO Standards Round Table, in which EC, EASA, SJU and ECTRL are participating.

Building an efficient, sustainable and safe single European sky requires the availability of mature and carefully validated ATM systems and constituents. To ensure the implementation of such interoperable European ATM network, it is essential to rely on the needed specifications and standards that must be available well ahead of the deployment of those required ATM functionalities.

Against that background, the Commission (MOVE/E3) took the initiative to gather the main ATM standardisation stakeholders in 2014 and pushed for the creation of the EASCG (, which was established in 2015, with the main objective to develop, monitor and maintain the so-called European ATM standardisation Rolling Development Plan (RDP)

The EASCG membership includes, as full members : EUROCAE, ECTRL, EC, SJU, ESOs (CEN and ETSI) and as observers : ASD, EDA, SDM, CANSO.