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Mobility and Transport

The FAB-CE submitted their consultation material to the European Commission on 24 April 2012.

Interested parties, Member States and EASA, are invited to provide observations to the European Commission by 24 June 2012, by using the Common Response Document (CRD). When completed, the CRD shall be sent by email to the European Commission (

Interested parties providing observations are asked NOT to alter the formatting (no merged cells, keep 1 observation = 1 row) and to send back to the European Commission the "Word" version of the observations (no Pdf, no jpeg).

All FAB-CE consultation material can be found on the website of FAB-CE . Note that material of other FABs will be made available in due course of time after their submission.

Results of the consultation

Common Response Document on FAB-CE final

Observations on FAB-CE

Summary of key observations