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Mobility and Transport

The North European FAB submitted their consultation material to the European Commission on 4 January 2012.

Interested parties, Member States and EASA, are invited to provide observations to the European Commission by 12 March 2012, by using the Common Response Document (CRD). When completed, the CRD shall be sent by e-mail to the European Commission (

All NEFAB's consultation matérial can be found hereunder. Note that material of other FABs will be made available in due course of time after their submission.

1. Cover papers

  1. Cover letter
  2. Signature by the Member States of NEFAB
  3. Information to the EC, the EASA, other Member States and interested parties on the establishment of NEFAB

2. Institutional

  1. NEFAB political declaration
  2. State level agreement, initialled
  3. NSA agreement, initialled 22/12/2011
  4. NEFAB ANSP agreement, draft
  5. Cooperation agreement between Avinor, Finavia, Isavia, LGS, EANS, LFV and Naviair

3. Safety

  1. NEFAB Safety Plan
  2. NEFAB Safety Case report
  3. Change Management manual
  4. Initiative 13, Safety Management Systems

4. Operational

  1. Operational Concept
  2. Initiative 1, ATS routes and sectorisation
  3. ATS routes and sectorisation, Appendix 1, RNDSG-RDGE route catalogue
  4. ATS routes and sectorisation, Appendix 2, NEFAB route proposals
  5. ATS routes and sectorisation, Appendix 3, NEFAB sector loads
  6. ATS routes and sectorisation, Appendix 4, improvement areas
  7. Initiative 3, Optimisation of ATS
  8. Initiative 4, Optimisation of ASM and ATFCM
  9. Initiative 6, Harmonisation of operational rules and procedures
  10. NEFAB Military requirements

5. Technical

  1. Initiative 5, Optimisation of anciallary services
  2. Initiative 8, Supervision and monitoring of CNS infrastructure
  3. Initiative 9, Commonality of CNS and ATM systems
    1. Avinor, NAV, Status and the road ahead
    2. Avinor, SUR, Status and the road ahead
    3. Avinor, COM, Status and the road ahead
    4. EANS CNS, Overview and roadmap
    5. Finavia, NAV, Status and the road ahead
    6. Latvia, Communication equipment
  4. Initiative 10, Joint evaluation of technology within CNC and ATM
  5. Initiative 11, Common system maintenance
  6. Initiative 12, Joint procurement

6. Economic

  1. NEFAB socio-economic study, Volume 1
  2. NEFAB CBA report

7. Human/social

  1. Initiative 7, Optimisation of training

8. Additional

  1. NEFAB FSR main

Next steps in the FAB consultation and implementation process include :

  • collection of observations,
  • consolidation of received observations,
  • responses by FAB,
  • FAB establishment and notification of the FAB agreements, and
  • assessment of formal requirements.

Results of the consultation (update of 16 March 2012)

All observations received by the European Commission have been assembled in the Common Response Document .

A summary of the comments by the European Commission, EASA, the Network Manager, and the Performance Review Body is also available.