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UK-Ireland FAB consultation process

The UK-Ireland FAB submitted their consultation material to the European Commission on 30 March 2012.

Interested parties, Member States and EASA, are invited to provide observations to the European Commission by 30 May 2012, by using the Common Response Document (CRD).

Interested parties providing their observations are asked NOT to alter the formatting (no merged celles, keep 1 observation = 1 row) and to send back to the European Commission the "Word" version of the observations (no Pdf, no jpeg).

All UK-Ireland's consultation material can be found hereunder. Note that material of other FABs will be made available in due course of time after their submission.

UK-Ireland FAB submission documents

  1. Joint UK-Ireland Ministerial letter to Cion
  2. Compliance with the FAB UK-Ireland FAB - 21 March 2012
  3. Appendix A - UK-Ireland FAB proposal May 2008
  4. Appendix B - State Level Ireland and UK MOU - 25 January 2012
  5. Appendix C - NSA level IAA and UK CAA MOU - 25 January 2012
  6. Appendix D - ANSP level IAA and NATS MOU - 25 January 2012
  7. Appendix E - F - G - H - Safety case - 17 January 2012
  8. Appendix I - FAB CBA Final - 9 January 2012
  9. Appendix J - KPMG letter to IAA concerning UK-ireland FAB CBA

UK-Ireland FAB - observations on consultation material

  1. Summary key observations
  2. Observations
  3. Master Common Response Document