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Mobility and Transport

The general framework of the Single European Sky needs to be completed by more specific and detailed implementing rules. The European Commission has adopted the following implementing rules with the assistance of the Single Sky Committee :

Framework (Regulation 549/2004)

Service provision (Regulation 550/2004)

Airspace (Regulation 551/2004)

Interoperability (Regulation 552/2004)

EASA Basic Regulation (Regulation 216/2008) or dual legal basis with one of the above

Note : most of these Implementing Rules have been prepared on the basis of a mandate from the European Commission to EUROCONTROL or by the European Aviation Safety Agency and in close coordination with all relevant stakeholders. The final result of the drafting work is a report or in the case of EASA, an opinion, including a draft implementing rule. The European Commission submits then a draft implementing rule under its responsibility to the Single Sky Committee or EASA Committee and adopts it following the favourable opinion of the Committee.