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Single European Sky Awards - 2016


European Commission celebrates winners of the first Single European Sky Awards

The European Commission has celebrated the five winners of the first edition of the Single European Sky (SES) Awards in Madrid, with the participation of a vast representation of manufacturers, air navigation service providers, airport operators, airspace users and all the other actors of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) system worldwide. The SES Awards aim at rewarding projects that have contributed the most to the achievement of the Union's SES. The winners were selected among 22 applicants, which covered the whole spectrum of aviation actors, for a total of 65 private and public entities from 27 different countries. The SES awards provide the right recognition and visibility to projects that delivered concrete results on the SES goals in terms of performance, better and more efficient rules, and innovative solutions. It is a prize that recognises the concerted efforts of many organisations over many years, towards a common European goal. The completion of the SES is one of the priorities highlighted by the new Aviation Strategy for Europe, and will contribute to several Commission priorities: jobs and growth, internal market, energy union, and global competitiveness. The award ceremony took place at the annual World ATM Congress, in Madrid.

Here are the five winners and a full description of their projects:


COOPANS Alliance

Time Based Separation at Heathrow

The BOREALIS alliance: Delivering FRA across Northern Europe by 2021

Remote Tower Service

Improvement of the Spanish Air Traffic Management Network performance through an ordered change management process

Beside the five winning projects, the jury, composed by experts within and outside the European Commission, has given the following special mentions: