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Mobility and Transport

The defined trans-European corridors along the Slovenian network are the following:

  • Baltic-AdriaticCorridor, between the Italian border at Trieste and the Austrian border.
  • MediterraneanCorridor, between the Italian border at Trieste and the Hungarian border in the northeast of the country.

Infrastructure Managers

Slovenske Zeleznice is the Slovenian national Infrastructure Manager. The Slovenian railway network that belongs to the Core Network Corridors consists of more than 550 km.

Information regarding the Slovenian network and its features can be found at:

National implementation plan

The Slovenian National Implementation Plan (NIP) was delivered in 2018. It is compliant with the ERTMS European Deployment Plan with some exceptions, such as the high-speed line between state border-Sežana-Divača-Ljubljana.

According to the Slovenian NIP:

  • The entire network is planned to be equipped with ERTMS Level 1.
  • Slovenia will decommission the Class B system in the entire network. In the TEN-T network, decommissioning is planned by 2020 for RTL and 2025 for INDUSI I 60. For the comprehensive network, RTL will be removed by 2020, and INDUSI I 60 by 2031.

National Implementation Plans (NIP) country by country

National Safety Authority

AZP (Public Agency for Rail Transport) is the NSA of Slovenia. It is a state administrative body and is the safety authority for railway tracks.