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Mobility and Transport

Deployment Management Team

The European Commission launched an implementation support program, run by a deployment management team that was set up in January 2015.


To ensure an efficient, synchronised and timely implementation of ERTMS along the core network corridors and ensure consistency with other parts of the network.


20 ČERVENEC 2021
(230.7 KB - PDF)

This report provides recommendations to facilitate this interoperable ERTMS deployment, from the feedback of the technical follow-up carried out by the Deployment Management Team (DMT) on EU-funded projects.

Main Tasks


Technical guidance

The objective is to provide the stakeholders involved in ERTMS projects with technical knowledge that may help deploy ERTMS within their projects:

  • Tailored to the scope and stage of the projects
  • Technical visits and meetings with the project representatives
  • Technical guidance in calls for tenders
  • Answers to specific technical and functional questions
  • Assistance in identifying and implementing feasible mitigation measures
  • Help understanding testing results and certification
  • Dissemination of European guidelines

Economic/financial guidance

The final objective is to help project managers to assess the benefits of their projects and choose the most appropriate financing scheme.

  • Guidelines which include a detailed list of costs for ERTMS projects but also a detailed list of potential benefits, with default values that could be used by project sponsors to make their own assessment;
  • Guidelines on recommendations on financial schemes;
  • Economic assistance on demand: the DMT will also be available to help stakeholders find appropriate information on ERTMS, and to review the financing schemes prepared by them.

Technical Information sessions and dissemination

The goal of the technical information sessions is to ensure that all the stakeholders deploying ERTMS are aligned, have the necessary ERTMS information and are up-to-speed with the European harmonised initiatives regarding ERTMS.

  • The topics include both technical and economic issues regarding ERTMS. These sessions can be requested by Member States or Project Representatives.

ERTMS is now in the deployment phase in many countries. Direct contact with all the different ERTMS projects around Europe will allow the Deployment Management Team to provide a specific return of experience and dissemination of lessons learned from successful ERTMS projects.


A mailbox is available to contact the ERTMS European Deployment Management Team: