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Mobility and Transport

Mature and stable ERTMS specifications have reached usability in commercial projects. Today there are mature and stable ERTMS technical specifications that are used in commercial projects all around Europe as has been recognised in the 2008 and 2012 ERTMS MoU. Any train equipped with the latest ERTMS developments will be able to circulate throughout the different European sections equipped with ERTMS reference specifications.

ERTMS is already in use in commercial projects.

European Corridors are the heart of the ERTMS deployment, ERTMS is now in a phase of deployment throughout Europe. To facilitate this process, a number of transport corridors have been appointed as important for the early deployment of ERTMS (link to Deployment Section). These corridors represent only 6% of the total European railway network but carry 20% of current freight traffic in addition to the most relevant international passenger services.

The case for ERTMS business is achievable. Once the maturity of the technical specifications has been reached and a joint effort from the European Union and the member states to finance ERTMS/ETCS has been implemented. (link to economic section)

Karel Vinck, the European ERTMS coordinator to the ERTMS deployment breakthrough in Europe. Since 2005, Karel Vinck has been the European ERTMS coordinator working with the rail sector on further deploying ERTMS along the EU’s rail network. The coordinator gives the necessary political impetus for the ERTMS project and the realisation of the MoU.