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Mobility and Transport

There is other ERTMS related legislation, which has been included in this section. The following table summarises the legislation related to ERTMS, and includes further explanations.

ERTMS related legislation


Description of main content and objective

Directive 2012/34/EU

  • Establishment of a Single European Railway Area, i.e. SERA. Consideration of benefits in infrastructure charges for rolling stock implementing ETCS.
  • sets the rules applicable for the management of railway infrastructure and rail transport activities for railway undertakings established or to be established in a Member State; criteria applicable to the issuing, renewal or amendment of licences; and the principles and procedures applicable to setting and collecting railway infrastructure charges and the allocation of railway infrastructure

Directive 2004/49/EC

  • Creates a common European regulatory framework for safety and maintenance of safety management systems (SMS)

Regulation 402/2013 , amended by 2015/1136

  • Regulation on common safety methods that gives a harmonised framework for the risk assessment process through the proposal of Hazard Identification, Risk Analysis and Risk Evaluation.

Appendix A of the TSI operation and traffic management

  • Defines the harmonised operational rules for the use of ERTMS

Decision 2014/880/EU

  • The main purpose of the register of infrastructure included in article 35 of Directive 2008/57/EC (RINF) is to provide transparency to network characteristics. The information provided by the RINF is used for planning purposes in designing new trains, for assisting the assessment of compatibility of trains with routes before starting the operation and for use as a reference database.

DECISION on modules for the procedures for assessment

  • Decision 2010/713/EC on modules for the procedures for assessment of conformity, suitability for use and EC verification to be used in the TSIs adopted under Directive 2008/57/EC

Additionally, there is other legislation related to the ERTMS deployment, e.g. EU Regulation 913/2010 (Rail Freight Corridors); TEN Regulation (Reg. 1315/2013) ; o CEF Regulation (Reg. 1316/2013 ), as they are more related to ERTMS deployment than the system itself, more detail on this legislation is given in the Deployment section.