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Mobility and Transport

A southern branch of the Mediterranean corridor passes through Croatia, connecting Zagreb and Rijeka.

Infrastructure Managers

HZ Infrastruktura is the Infrastructure Manager of the Croatian Network. Some sections of this network belong to the Mediterranean corridor (over 400 km).

Information regarding the Croatian network and its features can be found at: HZ Infrastruktura – Network Statement

National Implementation Plan

The Croatian National Implementation Plan (NIP) was delivered in 2018. It is compliant with the ERTMS European Deployment Plan with some exceptions, because the ERTMS deployment will take place beyond 2023 and the upgrade to ERTMS of the existing lines is planned to be finished before 2030. The newly constructed Horvati - Dugo Selo line is not included.

According to the Croatian NIP:

  • ETCS Level 1 will be installed initially in the Croatian network. Once GSM-R and ETCS Level 2 have been installed, ETCS Level 1 will remain in use as a backup system.
  • There are two possible strategies for implementing ERTMS. Trains and/or infrastructure may be ‘dually’ equipped with both the ERTMS and the Class B national system. The railway vehicle strategy has been selected for the implementation of ERTMS in Croatia. Where vehicles equipped with ETCS/ERTMS run on lines equipped with the autostop device currently in operation in Croatia, the train system will require a specific transmission module (STM).

National Implementation Plans (NIP) country by country

National Safety Authority

The Croatian Railway Safety Agency is the National Safety Authority of Croatia.