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Mobility and Transport

Although Norway is not a member of the EU, it is one of the constituent countries of the Trans-European Network for Transport, since a branch of the Scandinavian - Mediterranean corridor is defined in Norway, connecting Oslo to Gothenburg, along the North Sea coast.

Infrastructure Managers

Jernbaneverket is the Norwegian national rail infrastructure administrator, managing the network. This network has a part which belongs to the Scandinavian - Mediterranean corridor and consists of approximately 170 km.

Information regarding the Norwegian network and its features can be found at:

National implementation plan

The Norwegian National Implementation Plan (NIP) was delivered in 2015. It is fully compliant with the ERTMS European Deployment Plan.

According to the Norwegian NIP:

  • The entire network will be equipped with ERTMS Level 2.
  • There is no exact date of removal. However, the Class B system is only optional when ERTMS is deployed.

National Implementation Plans (NIP) country by country

National Safety Authority

The Norwegian Railway Authority (SJT) is the NSA and supervisory Authority for rail traffic in Norway. It ensures that rail traffic is operated safely and appropriately in the best interests of passengers/users, companies, employees and the general public.

The Authority is responsible for ensuring that rail operators meet the conditions and requirements set out in rail legislation, awarding licenses for rail activity and approving rolling stock and infrastructure, among other duties.