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Mobility and Transport

Cycling is an efficient way of using expensive and scarce space in urban areas, and is healthy, clean and cheap. It has enormous potential when we acknowledge that almost half of all car trips in cities are of less than five kilometres.

The informal meeting of EU ministers for Transport adopted a Declaration on Cycling as a climate friendly transport mode, in Luxembourg, October 2015. Ministers called upon the Commission, Member States and local and regional authorities to consider a number of actions in that regard.

As a result, the Commission works on further integrating cycling into the multimodal transport policy, as follows:

  • Reinforce cycling aspects within the current initiatives, such as CIVITAS and the European Mobility Week campaign,
  • Give more attention to increased road safety in relation to cycling,
  • Engage more with relevant inter-governmental organisations and stakeholders, via a cycling contact appointed in DG MOVE:
  • Reinforce transport statistics related to cycling.

These activities should positively contribute towards increasing the modal share of cycling in the EU cities, in addition to the already existing activities supporting cycling and walking: