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Mobility and Transport

In accordance with Article 5(2) of the Decision establishing the STF and in accordance with Article 8 of the Decision renewing the STF, DG MOVE may set up sub-groups for the purpose of examining specific questions on the basis of terms of reference defined by DG MOVE. Sub-groups report to the STF plenary. They must be dissolved as soon as their mandate is fulfilled.

The following sub-groups are currently active or in the process of being set up (in italics):

  • Sub-group on the implementation of Directive 2014/94/EU consists of the Member States only and discusses specific aspects related to the implementation of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive 2014/94/EU.
    20 JULY 2021
    Sub-group on the implementation of Directive 2014/94/EU
    (44.66 KB - PDF)
  • Sub-group on governance and standards for communication exchange in the electromobility ecosystem (with particular focus on ISO 15118-20 and related PKI): this sub-group will propose minimum principles and a governance framework for communication between the electric vehicle and the recharging infrastructure, ensuring interoperability in the whole ecosystem. It will moreover prepare the ground for harmonisation and convergence of electromobility communication standards and protocols.
  • Sub-group on a common data approach for electric mobility and other alternative fuels: building on the work of the Program Support Action (PSA) on data collection related to recharging/refuelling points for alternative fuels and the unique identification codes related to e-Mobility (IDACS), this sub-group will look into the different data dimensions (aggregation, quality, sharing, reusability, provision, etc.) and data types (location, availability, price, payment methods, etc.) required to enable the future creation of new digital services in the alternative fuels market. It will propose a framework for data collection and exchange, with the ultimate objective to provide better information to consumers of alternative fuels infrastructure and services.
  • Sub-group on best practices of public authorities to support the deployment of recharging infrastructure: this sub-group, which consists of public authorities mainly, will further the work on the 2020 STF Recommendations for public authorities for procuring, awarding concessions, licences and/or granting support for electric recharging infrastructure, generating a (bi-)annual update to ensure the Recommendations remain relevant for public authorities. The sub-group will moreover look into possibilities to harmonise permitting procedures for alternative fuels infrastructure in the EU.