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Mobility and Transport

In accordance with Article 2(2) of the Decision establishing the STF and of the Decision renewing the STF, the STF shall, upon request of the European Commission provide advice and technical expertise to the Commission on the development and implementation of future-proof and innovation-friendly legislation, policies, projects and programmes in the field of alternative transport fuels and infrastructure in particular, for example in the form of opinions, reports or analyses.

The different reports are available on the dedicated workstream pages in the dropdown menu on your right-hand side.

2019 Reports on Clean Buses

The Expert Group on Clean Buses produced two reports providing guidance on technologies and trends and on procuring and operating clean buses, which...

2019 Stakeholder consultation

The Sustainable Transport Forum plenary of 26 November 2019 unanimously adopted a Report entitled This Report forms the conclusion of the 2019...

2020 Recommendations for recharging point tenders

The Sustainable Transport Forum plenary of 26 November 2020, through subsequent written exchange on 2 December 2020, unanimously adopted a Report...